We continue to fight the reckless Trenton-Mercer County Airport expansion and the County’s cavalier disregard for the environment, public health and quality of life in our region!

Trenton Threatened Skies, with the support of municipalities and other organizations, has mounted a vigorous challenge in federal court against the FAA and Mercer County and this week filed our final legal brief. We have exposed the deceit and lies the County has peddled to gain approval for their airport expansion projects. We have asked the court to throw out the County’s sham environmental study and force them to conduct a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Health Impact Statement (HIS). Only then will we have an honest understanding of how their expansion plans could degrade the region.

We know that dangerous quantities of PFAS (toxic “forever chemicals”) are buried under the airport? The County’s enormous construction project could unleash those toxins, resulting in widespread PFAS contamination of the Delaware River basin, the drinking water source for millions and millions of people.

The recent industrial chemical spill near the Delaware River, which had Philadelphia residents on high alert for many days, is a wake-up call and underscores the crucial need to protect our drinking water.

Our elected officials need to hear our concerns about how this massive airport expansion will affect our health and well-being. We need your help spreading the word to local, state, and federal officials and state agencies. Use your voice and call directly or send a pre-written letter in your name to demand protection!

Please convey the message below to officials and agencies and share this email with your neighbors and friends.


Stop funding and block any work on the airport expansion until:

  • PFAS contamination fully studied and cleaned up
  • Environmental Impact Statement and Health Impact Analysis have been completed



Call Today — Demand Protection!

NJ Governor Phil Murphy (866)586-4069 

New Jersey DEP (877)927-6337  

NJ Attorney General (609)984-5828

NJ Office of the State Comptroller (855)627-8477

PA Governor Josh Shapiro (717)787-2500

PA Department of Environmental Protection (484)250-5900

PA Senator Casey (215)405-9660

PA Senator Fetterman (215)241-1090

PA Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (215)579-8102



Governor Phil Murphy & NJDEP Act Now to

Stop Reckless Airport Expansion Now!