Air Pollution

Dramatic rise in fine particulate air pollution from increased flights is known to cause respiratory, cardiac, maternal, and newborn health issues of residents in communities surrounding airports.

When added to I-95 vehicle pollution and flight path pollution from Newark and Philadelphia Airports, the expansion creates a toxic soup that poses enormous risks to residents.

  • Trenton Airport’s terminal expansion and airfield efficiencies will increase both the number of flights and volume of travelers.
  • Local residents are already subjected to red-line emissions levels due to urbanization as well as pass-thru and fly-over traffic.
  • Mercer County’s Air Quality received an “F” rating by the American Lung Association in its 20th annual “State of the Air” report.
  • Ultrafine particulate air pollution from planes causes respiratory, cardiac, maternal & newborn health issues in communities as far as 10 miles from flight paths.
Air Pollution
Trenton-Mercer Airport has conducted ZERO analyses of post-build, actual use impacts on air quality, climate, or public health.
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Water Pollution

Environmental contamination from poisonous “Forever Chemicals” PFAS dislodged by airport construction could impact groundwater, drinking water, rivers, streams, and the entire Delaware River watershed.

The cumulative expansion projects require a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to advert deadly poisoning of our waterways.

  • PFAS, a group of permanent, hazardous chemicals, have been found on Trenton-Mercer Airport property currently undergoing development.
  • Toxic PFAS concentrations, thousands of times higher than NJDEP safe limits, have been documented in both surface and ground water, posing a significant risk of spread off airport property.
  • Development of airport property continues without remediation or safety measures to prevent toxic spread.
  • Airport authorities ignore expert’s advice to conduct further testing to identify source of PFAS plume.
Environmental contamination
Airport construction projects risk spreading toxic chemicals on airport property and adjacent super fund site into the Delaware River and underlying aquifer which supplies drinking water to 17 million people.
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Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is the next big public health threat, causing learning issues and low test scores in children at every stage of development and major physical and mental health issues in a wide range of studies.

The FAA has already admitted their data is faulty and are fast-tracking new studies to understand the devastating effects of noise associated with airport growth.

Noise Pollution
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Financial Turmoil

When airport expansion loses money they send the bill to local communities.

County officials deny “repairs and improvements” will increase TTN air traffic while claiming increased Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) will pay for their $200 million scheme.

  • With this plan, if the dramatic growth they project isn’t there, then Mercer County suffers huge financial losses that taxpayers will pay.
  • Development of airport property continues without remediation or safety measures to prevent toxic spread.
  • If the growth does happen, taxpayers will suffer from traffic, noise, pollution and health issues, that will destroy quality of life in the region (and none of which the county has studied).
  • Dramatic claims of job growth are not documented anywhere in the expansion plan.
Tax Payers Bear The Burden
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Trenton Threatened Skies stands firm on the key issues related to airport expansion:

  • Unlimited expansion of the airport would be environmentally dangerous.
  • Air and noise pollution increases threaten public health of the community.
  • Job creation and economic benefits are not supported by any factual data.
  • The expansion financial plan is a rosy fantasy, inevitably a tax burden.
  • The steady decline of quality of life will negatively impact home values.

Protect our rights to clean air, water, and peaceful quality of life.
Halt The Trenton-Mercer Airport Expansion Project!


  1. A comprehensive study of the finished, operating airport’s impact on our community’s environment (Environmental Impact Statement, EIS) and Public Health (Health Impact Assessment, HIA).
  2. Construction be delayed until toxic contaminants have been properly evaluated and cleaned from airport property.
  3. Independent accounting and full disclosure of actual costs to taxpayers, including cost of borrowed debt, decreased residential property tax revenues and increased public health costs.

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