The Trenton Mercer airport absurdly claims the proposed terminal expansion will not increase air traffic and therefore they are not evaluating its true impact on the surrounding environment. TTS rejects this false narrative and will challenge this erroneous FAA Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

If TTN is allowed to grow unchecked, with the latest capacity increases, Mercer and Bucks County, and the greater region risk profoundly frightening environmental and quality of life consequences.

This is the Trojan Horse heralded as an economic gift to the region with costly strings attached:

  • Commercial flights overhead every 7 1/2 minutes
  • Wells, streams and the Delaware River Watershed potentially contaminated with PFAS
  • Unhealthy air quality from dangerous fine particulate jet fuel emissions
  • A noise pollution crisis posing health threats for all residents with devastating impact on childhood cognitive learning capabilities
  • Eventually beyond the current hot real estate market, local home values will erode
  • If air traffic doesn’t massively increase, the cost of expansion projects of upwards of $200 million will be a tax paid by citizens of Mercer County for generations. A Lose/Lose scenario!

This combined fallout will render the region unrecognizable in the next decade!


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